Reflections from Pulpit


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The Value of Time
In the words of hujjat al-Islam, Imam Al-Ghazali, “[Time] is nothing other than your life, and your life is the capital that you make use of to reach perpetual felicity in the proximity of Allah (swt).”

Civic Engagment
So what the Qur’an and Sunnah teach us is that we must actively participate in civic engagement, and work, and strive for the divinely enjoined objectives of justice, fairness, equality, and peace in this world.

Rain as a sign of Allah
“We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Sustainer is a witness over all things?”

Our Role as Ambassadors of Islam
Therefore it is our responsibility, both as individuals and as a community, to go out and tell people through our words and deeds of Islam’s real message of mercy, kindness, and justice for all of Allah’s creation.

Harvesting a pure tongue
Indeed in the science of Islamic spirituality, our teachers say that the tongue is the mirror’s heart. If the heart is corrupt, then the tongue will reflect this corruption in speech. And, if the tongue is pure, then the tongue will reflect this purity in speech.

“Worship God, associate nothing with Him, behave with excellence toward parents, near relatives, orphans, the poor, the neighbor who is of kin, and the neighbor who is not.”

Seek Knowledge!
My dear brothers and sisters, the ability to comprehend and disseminate knowledge is one of the greatest blessings and trusts that we as human beings have been endowed with from our Creator and Sustainer, Allah (swt).

Migration of Mind. Body, and Soul
Migrating to higher stations in the soul, reaching for the highest station which is muhabah, a station of love. Migrating from a station of ingratitude to a station of gratitude, a station of impatience to a station of patience, a station of disobedience to obedience. Migrating from outward obedience, to inward and outward, to a complete devotee.

On Being a Believer
Happiness is prevented and obstructed when a person is attached and makes the object of adoration something that by its nature is fleeing and imperfect; And, unable to cope with hardship and loss, falling into despair and depression.

Charity is a means of gaining freedom and happiness.

Regardless of what it may be, know my dear brothers and sisters, that as a believer in Allah (swt) you have a most powerful and beautiful gift in the form of dua’—supplication, petitioning, asking of Allah (swt) for all that you need and hope for.

Unity and Ethics of Disagreement
Argumentation and division is the result of a lack of knowledge about ikhtilaf and about the adab of ikhtilaf (difference of opinion among scholars and the proper courtesy in differing).

Eid Fitr (End of Ramadan) 
‘Eid is a day of joyous celebration and sweetness for the believer.  In fact if one understands the reality of Eid it is even more joyous than the birth because through the month of fasting we experience the rebirth of our souls through the purifying spiritual discipline of fasting


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