A Young Muslim’s Guide to a Spiritual Life


A Young Muslim’s Guide to a Spiritual Life

Imam Mohamed Magid

Weekend of March 7­8, 2009

Princeton University – Bendheim Library

26 Prospect Avenue, Princeton NJ 08544

Questions? Email ssultan@princeton.edu

SATURDAY March 7th

11 AM: Brunch


12-2 PM: Provisions for the Journey to Allah

Building blocks for a successful spiritual life

2-3 PM Dhur and break


3-5 PM: Gender Relations and Marriage

What are proper gender relations? What to look for in a spouse? Initiating and maintaining a healthy marriage

5-6:30PM Asr, dinner break, and Maghrib


6:30-8:30 PM: Preparing for the Obstacles Ahead

Issues of dealing with temptations, peer pressure, trials

8:30 PM: ‘Isha and conclusion

SUNDAY March 8th

11 AM—12 PM: Brunch

12-2 PM: Living Islam in a Non-Muslim Society

Friendships, dawah, responsibilities, civic engagement, life after college

2 PM Dhur

2:30—4 PM Open Q & A

Ask ethical or theological questions of any type

4 PM ‘Asr and Conclusion

Imam Magid studied at the hand of his father and other notable scholars, gaining ijaza in several disciplines, including Ghazali’s Ihya-Uloom-al-Deen.



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