New book release: The Qur’an and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad


new bookDear family, friends, and colleagues


Hope this note finds you and your family well. By the grace of God, I am happy to announce that my new book, “The Qur’an and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad: Selections Annotated & Explained,” has been released and is now available for purchase. I would like to thank all of you for your friendship and support as I wrote this book and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you enjoy the read, please consider writing an review and spreading the word among your friends. A full description follows below. Many thanks and peace, Sohaib.


The Qur’an and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad: Selections Annotated & Explained

Sohaib N. Sultan

Book Description
For many in the West, the teachings of the Qur’an often are enshrouded in mystery and fear. Yet Islam’s holy book gave birth to one of the most powerful and enlightened civilizations the world has ever seen. By the sixteenth century, Muslim culture stretched from India to Africa to Europe , preserving with it the ancient learning that helped spawn the Renaissance. With its interwoven ideas of faith and reason, justice and mercy, the path of Islam–which literally means “surrendering to God’s will”–offers a uniquely focused and balanced approach to living life with a profound awareness of God.
With gentleness and insight, Sohaib N. Sultan leads you through the central themes of both the Qur’an and the collected sayings of Prophet Muhammad, known as hadith. These teachings dispel common misconceptions about Muslim beliefs and offer practical guidance for your own spiritual journey, from understanding the merciful nature of God; to cultivating peace and justice in the self, family, and society; to answering questions about the afterlife and how to attain it.

Now you can experience the wisdom of Qur’anic teachings even if you have no previous knowledge of Islam or Muslim writings. Insightful yet unobtrusive facing-page commentary explains the texts for you, allowing you to enter into the path of surrender to God.

Scott C. Alexander, PhD, associate professor of Islam and director of Catholic-Muslim Studies, Catholic Theological Union
“A superb guide … intelligently illuminates each thematically arranged passage and concisely summarizes centuries of Islamic interpretive wisdom.”

Michael Wolfe, author of The Hadj: An American’s Pilgrimage to Mecca
“Lays before us … the insights and beauty of one of the world’s great sacred texts. A valuable book for any reader who honestly wants to understand the Qur’an and what it teaches.”

Rev. Steven Blackburn, PhD, Duncan Black Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
“Takes complex, wide-ranging aspects of Islam and makes them clear and accessible for the non-Muslim and Muslim alike. Comes alive with thoughtfully presented insights and reflections. Whether you have a passing interest in Islam, or have serious questions about this community of faith, you will want to consult [this book].”

About the Author
Sohaib N. Sultan is the author of The Koran for Dummies. In 2005, he was appointed as the first-ever Muslim chaplain at Yale University , and now serves as a Muslim chaplain at Trinity College and Wesleyan University . He is a freelance journalist and public speaker.